PNAU Are Returning With A New Single ‘Chameleon’ “Soon”

UPDATE 04/11/16: Pnau have released a new single called Chameleon.

ORIGINAL STORY: Nick Littlemore is busy promoting the forthcoming Empire Of The Sun record Two Vines but it seems he’s already gearing up to relaunch PNAU.

Bar a few remixes we haven’t really heard anything from PNAU, Littlemore’s project with Peter Mayes, since their 2012 Elton John remix album Good Morning To The Night.

Speaking to the interns about the difference between Empire Of The Sun and PNAU, Littlemore explained that, “PNAU has always been more bonkers,” before letting slip that the bonkers duo will be returning soon.

“PNAU have a new single coming out soon called Chameleon which kind of carries on the bonkers nature of us,” he said.

It will be PNAU’s first original material since their fourth album Soft Universe. The duo are veterans of the Aussie dance scene with their debut album Sambanova released 17 years ago now.

Luke Steele, Littlemore’s Empire Of The Sun partner, has also been working on his previous project Sleepy Jackson. He played a Fairfax journalist new material while in an interview and also previewed his collaboration with Daniel Johns.

Both Littlemore and Steele are going to have plenty on their plates given that they’re both readying new projects before the Empire album has even dropped.

Two Vines will be released on Friday and then Empire will play their first Aussie shows in support of the record at FOMO Festival at the beginning of next year.

Watch: PNAU – ‘Embrace’

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