PREMIERE: Easy Street’s New Music Video Proves Bin Chickens Have Feelings Too

Sydney band Easy Street have delivered the video for their new track Made 22 and it’s a hearty tale of a day in the life of two ibisses.

Ibisses, or bin chickens as they’re called around town, don’t have the best reputation. They’re almost universally detested but Easy Street’s affectionate portrayal of the ibis may have you reconsidering your opinion.

The video was shot in Sydney’s inner-west by Matilda Cassey and sees two of the band members dressed as actual bin chickens. According to the band, they really got to experience life as an ibis too.

“[Cassey] had a vague storyboard written but some of it was also left to the moment. Like the footage in the park,” they said.

“She just saw some people and said, ‘go over there and get them to shoo you off’ so we did. She saw an ice-cream van so she said, ‘go buy some ice-cream’ so we did, all dressed as ibises.”

As for the romantic shot of the birds running down the hill, that took them a couple of takes to get because they kept being blown over in their ibis costumes.n

See, it ain’t easy being an ibis.

Check out the full video below. The song is taken from their debut EP which is coming soon.

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