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PRICIE Releases Dancehall And Afrobeat-Influenced Single ‘Big Girls’

Nigerian-born, Australian-based producer, singer and songwriter PRICIE has returned with the new solo single ‘BIG GIRLS’. Launching with lyrics in Edo, PRICIE’s native Nigerian dialect, the track centres on themes of self-love and self-worth as summery dancehall and Afrobeat vibes carry the track along.

“‘BIG GIRLS’ is the song I wrote after a frustrating session of lockdown and binge eating as well binge watching everyone’s favourite show Euphoria,” PRICIE said in a statement. “The song was written from the perspective of the character Kat with a touch of my own personal feels and realisations.”


PRICIE related to the experiences of Kat, played by Barbie Ferreira. “There was an episode where Kat didn’t feel she deserved love or the type of attention her other ‘sexier’ friends garnered without identifying as another entity,” PRICIE said. “I felt deeply connected to that as I have struggled all my life like most with some or most forms of an eating disorder. I wrote [‘BIG GIRLS’] because I felt people like Kat and myself deserve to show up as ourselves and stand in the big girl power. As we are.”

‘BIG GIRLS’ follows PRICIE’s appearance on ‘Naive’, a track on the debut solo album by former Preatures vocalist Isabella Manfredi. In addition to a highly-regarded appearance at the 2022 Splendour In The Grass festival, PRICIE shared the single ‘M.O.M. (Money On Me)’ in May and the Dear Silas collaboration, ‘Beautifuh’, in March.

  • PRICIE’s new single ‘BIG GIRLS’ is out now.

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