Prince Drops Sexy New Video For ‘Breakfast Can Wait’

What’s the next best thing to a Prince video that doesn’t actually feature the purple one? The artist formerly currently known as Prince may have enlisted Dave Chappelle to help out with the single artwork but neither of them show up in the video for Breakfast Can Wait.

What we do get in the Danielle Curiel-directed video is a female Prince impersonator, some softcore porno dance routines and one seriously saucy breakfast – it’s pretty much just the laid back, sexed-up jam you’d expect it to be. Extra maple syrup, please.

Prince is reportedly hard at work on a new album, rumoured to be entitled Plectrum Electrum, but there’s no official confirmation or release date just yet. In the meantime, you’ll just have to keep yourself entertained with his recent social media debut on Twitter, where the food porn theme continues.

Watch: Prince – Breakfast Can Wait

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