QOTSA Drop ‘My God Is The Sun’ Featuring Dave Grohl, Detail New Album

Yes, we fell asleep too, and while we were sleeping Queens Of The Stone Age released their first single in over five years, My God Is The Sun, via Zane Lowe‘s BBC Radio 1 show and a special website set up to mark the occasion, but what we weren’t expecting to wake up to was a good squizz at the artwork for …Like Clockwork, as well as the entire album tracklist and a definitive release date.

There’s nothing like hearing a studio cut of a song to get excited for a new album, and despite already laying their newest release on us over the last few weeks via performances in South America, the studio version of My God Is The Sun shows us that Josh Homme has managed to keep his merry band of misfits in fine form these last 5 years. MGITS retains the robot glam of Era Vulgaris while bringing back that waltz-time stoner swing we all went ga-ga for in Songs For The Deaf, and no wonder – the band have confirmed that it is indeed Dave Grohl back behind the kit for at least this track.

Now, the juicy deets – on top of release dates of 3rd and 4th June for the UK and US respectively, the band’s new label Matador dropped some more good news on us overnight, announcing …Like Clockwork in a limited dual vinyl version which includes a 20-page booklet (which you can pre-order now). Matador also gave us a look at the album artwork, courtesy of Boneface, as well as the track list for the album, and the names of some of the songs may go some way to explaining those cryptic website code messages. You can view the whole lot below.

No word yet on a local release for …Like Clockwork, but be warned – Music Feeds is gonna be all over this puppy like white on rice.

Listen: Queens Of The Stone Age – My God Is The Sun

…Like Clockwork tracklist

1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

2. I Sat By The Ocean

3. The Vampyre of Time and Memory

4. If I Had A Tail

5. My God Is The Sun

6. Kalopsia

7. Fairweather Friends

8. Smooth Sailing

9. I Appear Missing

10. …Like Clockwork


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