R.I.P. Cynthia Dall

Lo-Fi musician and producer, Cynthia Dall, has sadly passed away. Dall started her career in 1996 when she released her first album Untitled and progressively became a Pitchfork favourite; she became increasingly popular with the underground indie-rock scene that was emerging in the US at that time. In the late 90s Dall worked with the likes of Bill Callahan, also known as Smog. She featured on his 7″ ‘A Hit’, which sees her take a somewhat minimalistic approach to music.

However, in a turn of unfortunate events, her 2002 release Sound Restores Young Men saw her take a turn for the worse, not living up to the expectations Untitled had built. Although she was not one of the most influential artists, her contribution to music will be sorely missed; the beautiful sounds of Untitled remain close to many, and will be playing on repeat for the remainder of the day.

Rest In Peace Cynthia

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