Rare Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics Surface

In a post on the Odd Future Talk forums some lyrics, allegedly dropped by missing-in-action member Earl Sweatshirt, have surfaced thanks to a user named Rookie, who seems to have a little bit too much time on his hands. This story follows a spate of stories on Earl having been said to be free and back in LA only for that claim to be revealed as a joke perpetrated by Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator.

The lyrics were apparently taken from a video posted on the YouTube account ‘kgosi24’ that another user on a thread for a 9th Wonder video identified as Earl Sweatshirt.

Here are the lyrics.

“please believe/ the pubescent is present, subliminal, one hand on my genitals/i’m godzillas foot crashin on a datsun, when my tracks spun, bitch dont ask run/ i’m slept on like the world is comatosed, i’m known to roast, one or two, wack radio hosts/ with my braniac flows, the zanyest hoes know i hit niggas plainly with low blows/ niggas wonder how i glisten with no glow, i got the cold flow and stay afloat when i showboat/lyrically can’t past this get hurt like a nigga on ya nuts doin backflips”


can i kick it?

round two sound the bell, i rip shit/ i’m crack, baking soda mixed with white girl, for the white girls to sniff it/ a misfit, for instance, the glisten in the wrist is a product of the paper so old its vintage, nitwits..

i spit infections and lethal injections,go harder then erections, pieces you rest in..”

“evidently i been ill since elementary, bars on lock, every verse a penetentiary/ lyrics stay bully, swag anything but friendly/ stackin capitol lowercase niggas envy/ dont step timidly, im demented with the pen see i leave niggas lost like alzheimer memory/ the beats sick i keep returnin and burnin it, and bruisin and abusing it, on some tina turner shit/ learn to listen, my whole persona glistens, i leave you hoes wetter than the pot that i piss in…”

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