Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes Calls Out Homophobic Twitter Comments

Former Savage Garden member Darren Hayes has called attention to a number of homophobic comments he’s received online, after he was called a “faggot” and had AIDS wished upon him by a homophobic Twitter user.

It all kicked off last night, when Twitter user @SteveTels (who has now deleted their account or changed their username) responded to one of Hayes’ tweets about the British election from earlier this month, which read, “Bye Bye Theresa May.”

Here’s what old mate Steve wrote, and what Hayes replied with:



Hayes later posted a screenshot of one of Steve’s since-deleted tweets, in which he called Hayes a “faggot” and said he hoped he got AIDS “soon”.

darren hayes 2

And then this happened…

darren hayes 3

…before Hayes went on to highlight the importance of calling out homophobia online:

darren hayes 4

Eventually, Hayes clarified as to the actual size of his schlong.

darren hayes 5

darren hayes 6

And @SteveTels was never seen again.

If you haven’t already, go sign that petition to get Savage Garden to reunite.

UPDATE: Darren Hayes says Savage Garden have “zero plans to ever reunite”.

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