Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Weighs In On The Future Of Pokémon GO

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has weighed in on the great Pokémon GO debate currently holding the attention of parents around the world, cutting through the fervour to proclaim the game as nothing more than a fad.

Speaking with Aggressive Tendencies, Taylor reveals he’s just like us and Pokémon GO has rapidly infiltrated his life, which is evident given his use of correct terminology.

“This Pokémon GO thing… You have to understand, I’m a father, so I’ve got… my kids are up my ass about it,” he says. “And my son’s out with his cousins right now huntin’ them down.”

Unlike all of us Pokémon GO players at Music Feeds HQ, Taylor has managed to avoid diving head first down the Pokémon GO rabbit hole, and he has his reasons for it.

“I think that, just like everything else we’ve ever had as far as like a cyber trend, it will peak in about a month and then it’ll go away,” he says.

“It’s a genius concept, but just like Words With Friends, just like your Candy Crushes and all that crap, what goes up must come down. So we’ll just see how long it stays in the zeitgeist right now.”

In some ways Taylor’s argument is wrong; our Poké Trainer levels continues to rise without ever coming down! But we see what he’s getting at. Given the Pokémon GO app has been downloaded over 75 million times since its launch on Thursday, 14th July, the tipping point was always going to come eventually.

As of last Wednesday, 20th July, Pokémon GO usage had already started to decline from 25 million daily active users to around 22 million according to Survey Monkey, and one of no longer active users is potentially the one who had Corey Taylor smack their phone out of their hands at a recent Slipknot show.

So once again, Corey Taylor proves why he is both mouthpiece and a moral compass; he gets it. You can watch a snippet from his Pokémon GO interview, below. It features Taylor in character and talking about Pokémon, which has to meet the criteria of some fan fiction somewhere.

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Watch: Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Talks Pokémon GO

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