Soundwave Ticketing Company Issues Statement Regarding 2016 Festival

UPDATE 17/12/15 5.50pm: Soundwave 2016 has been officially cancelled.

Soundwave 2016 ticketing agent Eventopia has released a statement directing all concerns over the fate of the festival to its promoter, AJ Maddah, who earlier today said the event was in the hands of “Eventopia/Tickete[k].”

In a statement to Music Feeds, Eventopia says it was appointed as the ticket sales agent for all dates of the 2016 Soundwave Festival, and “takes instruction from the Soundwave Festival promoter”, Mr Maddah.

“Customers should contact the Festival Promoter, Hounds of Hell Pty Ltd directly if they have any questions regarding the Event,” Eventopia says.

On Twitter this afternoon, Eventopia said it doesn’t “have any say in whether the 2016 festival goes ahead”, after a Twitter used asked Maddah how a ticketing company could be so responsible for the festival’s future.

Maddah has said the situation surrounding the fate of Soundwave 2016 is “more complicated” than the fact that the festival needs the support of its ticketing agents…

…and he’s also threatened to put his correspondence with Eventopia online for all to see.

The fate of Soundwave 2016 still hangs in the balance, after Maddah said earlier today that the future of the festival would be decided “this afternoon”. He’s since tweeted saying, “We’re still working on it. Could go on for a while.”

The fate of Soundwave 2016 is expected to be known sometime tonight, but, as always, there’s no guarantee.

UPDATE 16/12/15 9:00pm: AJ Maddah has hit back at Eventopia with a statement on Twitter. He has said, “We cannot hold festival without their support.”

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