SPOD Announces ‘Taste The Radness’ Reissue And Documentary Film

For those of us who are prone to reminiscing about the year 2003, in which Jay Z released The Black Album and we were treated to Arrested Development‘s first season, SPOD has given you an excuse to trek back into the recesses of the past with the announcement of the “Year of Radness.”

SPOD’s seminal industrial dance record Taste The Radness was first unleashed upon the world in 2003, distracting the world from 50 Cent and cargo pants, to unleash caustic tunes for the masses to groove to. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Taste The Radness‘ release, SPOD will be reissuing the album to kick off the “Year of Radness.” Taste The Radness, the 10 Years Of Radness Edition, will be digitally released 4th October.

The reissue will feature previously unheard versions of the tracks Nerdz, Country of Sweden, and Looife, first recorded in early 2003, a 2003 remix of the Decoder Ring track Born 2 Luv and two previously unreleased tracks from the Taste The Radness sessions, Unzip It and Ohhh Yeaaahhh. These seven tracks will also be available as a separate EP.

In addition to the re-release, 2014 will see the release of the SPODUMENTARY, a look back on SPOD’s career and the musical climate of late 90s Australia. The doco will feature interviews with The Temper Trap, The Presets, Spencer P Jones, The Nation Blue, Tucker B’s, Regurgitator, Gerling and more.

You can check out the trailer for the SPODUMENTARY below and stream the track Looife right here.

SPOD ‘Taste The Radness’ 10 Year Anniversary Trailer

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