Stand Still is all set to release their debut full-length album named ‘Steps Ascending’ on Friday, 14th June via DAZE.
Image by Andrew Sacher

Stand Still Announce LP ‘Steps Ascending’

Stand Still is all set to release their debut full-length album named ‘Steps Ascending’ on Friday, 14th June via DAZE. The band had already released the track “Mysticism” earlier this year and has recently released the new single of the album titled “In the Dying Light of a Setting Sun.”

“The “setting sun” in this track is one’s lifespan running short, and the “dying light” describes the remains of one’s motivation to live a fulfilling life. These lyrics describe my struggle to capture the childlike imagination that surrounded my early creative years while lacking the drive of a younger version of myself, a drive that I am well aware I may never get back.” shared the vocalist of the band, Gerry Windus. 

“In the Dying Light of a Setting Sun”- Stand Still

The song “In the Dying Light of a Setting Sun” portrays the band’s hardcore melody which is very emotional. The song comes with an accompanying music video which has been directed by Tom Flynn. 

The tracklist of the album ‘Steps Ascending’ :

  • In My Blood
  • In the Dying Light of a Setting Sun
  • Tower of Gold
  • Fourth Wall
  • Steps Ascending
  • Dust (feat Kristian Hallbert of Crime In Stereo)
  • Gridlock Apocalypse
  • We Know the Score (feat Michael Smith of Pain Of Truth)
  • Avoiding the Intersection
  • Mysticism

You can pre-order the new album “Steps Ascending” by Stands Still from here.

Stand Still Tour, 2024.

  • Friday, 23rd August: Rochester NY at The Spirit Room (with Montclair)
  • Saturday, 24th August: Montreal QC at Cabaret Foufounes (with Montclair)
  • Sunday, 25th August: Ottawa ON at Rainbow Bistro (with Montclair)
  • Monday, 26th August: Dover NH at Breakaway Cafe (with Montclair)
  • Sunday, 8th August: Milford CT at Static Era Records (with Heavy Hex)
  • Monday, 9th August: Voorhees NJ at Tunes Records (with Heavy Hex)
  • Thursday, 12th June: Brooklyn, NY at TV Eye
  • Saturday, 14th June: Baltimore, MD at Holy Frijoles
  • Sunday, 15th June: Scranton, PA at Jackson St
  • Monday, 16th June: Jersey Shore, NJ at Salty’s
  • Tuesday, 17th June: Toronto, ON at Nineteen Seventy Nine
  • Wednesday, 18th June: Cleveland, OH at No Class
  • Thursday, 19th June: Detroit, MI at Parts And Labor
  • Friday, 20th June: Chicago, IL at Beat Kitchen
  • Saturday, 21st June: Louisville, KY at Mag Bar
  • Sunday, 22nd June: Nashville, TN at The End
  • Monday, 23rd June: Little Rock, AR at Vino’s
  • Sunday, 6th July: Philadelphia, PA at Foto Club

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