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Sum 41 Share Combat-Ready New Single ‘War’, From New Album ’13 Voices’

Sum 41 have now released the first official single from their forthcoming album 13 voices, and while War may take the shape of a softly spoken (meek, even) ballad, like a true pop-punk trojan horse it’s anything but.

Much like the Chuck track Pieces, Sum 41 tone down the theatrics, the silly buggers and the shred-tacular riffs on War (below) to let the vocal line really do the talking, so to speak. The track is a deliberate and calculated attack on ~something~, or is it someone? Chances are we’ll never actually know, but you better believe they’d be trembling right now.

With a catch cry of “I’m ready to settle the score, get ready ‘cos this is war” laid out so openly for us to inject, it’s only fair that the band provide some context about the combative anthem-in-waiting. Thankfully, taking to Facebook, frontman Deryck Whibley has done just that.

At the time of writing the track, Whibley says he was at his “absolute lowest point of what seemed like a never ending recovery. I was at a tipping point where I could have easily just given up and went back to my old ways of alcohol abuse which would’ve ended up killing me, which at the time felt like a better option”.

However, War and the message contained within helped him push through. You can check out the full post and the song’s official music video below.

The track is a far cry from the previous cut Faking My Own Death — a riotous and cheeky jam. 13 Voices is shaping up to be one helluva ride and we cannot. Fucking. Wait.

Watch: Sum 41 – ‘War’

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