Tame Impala May Have Incited A Puppet War With Their New Video

It seems Tame Impala have provoked the ire of a Canadian band called Feltworth, who claim they’ve been “scooped” by the Aussie psych-rockers’ latest music video.

The official live clip for Tame Impala’s flagship single Cause I’m A Man, off their forthcoming album Currents, features the band performing as, well, puppets.

Feltworth, a furry foursome from the land of maple syrup and bacon, are also puppets. They’ve just seen Tame Impala’s video for themselves and they’re proper puppet pissed. The woodland critters-turned-indie rockers feel they’ve been disenfranchised by Tame Impala, who “totally took their idea and ran with it”.

A video posted on Feltworth’s YouTube page shows the indie rock puppets appraising their inanimate adversaries’ performance, and though they’ve voiced their distaste about the whole thing, they’ve also conceded that Tame Impala are actually pretty good.

“What are we going to do?” asks pointy-eared yellow guitarist/singer/songwriter/rabbit, Manny Feltworth. “I don’t know,” his loppy-eared pink fuzzy bandmate responds. “The thing is, it looks pretty great.”

Tame Impala have yet to respond to the accusations. Game on.

Watch: Feltworth – Tame Impala

Watch: Tame Impala – Cause I’m A Man [Official Live Video]

But guys, let’s not forget who did it first.

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