Tash Sultana Confirms Their Third Album Is Done, And There’s A Fourth In The Works

Despite only just releasing their second record Terra Firma earlier in the year, Tash Sultana has today confirmed that not only is their third record finished, but they’ve also started work on their fourth too.

In a “photo dump” posted to Instagram, the multi-instrumentalist and producer confirmed the news in the slideshow’s caption, writing:

“I got another album coming out that I just finished mixing & I accidentally just started writing another because my ADHD/OCD is OUT OF CONTROL.”

“I once heard that your mental illness is your super power. Mother fkn spread those super powers ya’ll.”

Their previous album Terra Firma took around 200 days to complete, Sultana confirmed in an interview with Music Feeds earlier in the year.

In what seems like less time than that, not only have they completed a new record, but they’ve also got started on another too.

Check out their post to Instagram below.

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