Tash Sultana Is Calling It Quits On ‘Career As A Solo Performer’

UPDATE: Triple J reports that, after speaking to Tash’s management, it is indeed the live setup that’s changing, and it will no longer just be Tash on stage.

“No one knows exactly what it’s going to look like, but we do know it won’t be 100 per cent solo performer on stage anymore,” management said.


In a surprising post on social media today, Tash Sultana has announced that they’ve decided to hang the boots up on being a solo performer.

Taking to Facebook, Sultana wrote that they are about to close the chapter on being a solo performer, leaving fans wondering just what exactly that entails.

“I am wrapping up my career as a solo performer in the next coming months,” Sultana wrote.

“My final Australian and New Zealand shows are coming up and are on sale now, one Melbourne show left to go and then I’ll be closing this wonderful chapter. We’ve spent the last two years designing our own custom loop station and for the first time I can finally use it back on home soil.”

“I cannot fkn waaait.”

While there is no real conclusion as to what this means, it seems likely that Tash will continue performing but with the help of a backing band.

That, or they’re quitting music altogether which…seems unlikely.

In any case, Sultana is about to embark on their ‘final’ Australian tour, with the majority of dates already sold out and the rest selling fast. Check out all that info here and the aforementioned social media post below.

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