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The Chemical Brothers Look Set to Announce Sydney and Brisbane Headline Shows

It looks as if British duo The Chemical Brothers will soon be announcing headline dates in Sydney and Brisbane. A ‘Hold Tight’ landing page has appeared on Frontier Touring’s website; ‘Hold Tight London’ is a 2005 track from the band, and the dancing neon figure is taken from their recent videos for singles ‘All Of A Sudden‘ and ‘No Reason‘.

A countdown timer on the page indicates the shows will be announced on Wednesday morning AEST – you can sign up to the mailing list on the page. The duo – comprised of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons – last toured the country in 2019.

The Chemical Brothers: ‘Live Again’

The duo are currently gearing up to release their new album For That Beautiful Feeling, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2019’s No Geography. ‘No Reason’ and previously released track ‘The Darkness That You Fear’ will appear on the record, as will the just-released single ‘Live Again’, featuring Halo Maud. You can scope out the full tracklist below.

For That Beautiful Feeling, the band’s 10th album, is due to arrive on Friday, 8th September via EMI.

“Each track on For That Beautiful Feeling was born out of a desire to find that point of vision in the studio, a point that could then be refracted back onto the dancefloor through the music,” the press release states.

“As a result, it’s a collection of music that’s vividly colourful and confident and deeply psychedelic; impossible beauty carved from noise and chaos and endless fluid rhythm.”

For That Beautiful Feeling Tracklist

  1. ‘Intro’
  2. ‘Live Again’ (feat. Halo Maud)
  3. ‘No Reason’
  4. ‘Goodbye’
  5. ‘Fountains’
  6. ‘Magic Wand’
  7. ‘The Weight’
  8. ‘Skipping Like A Stone’ (feat. Beck)
  9. ‘The Darkness That You Fear’ (Harvest Mix)
  10. ‘Feels Like I’m Dreaming’
  11. ‘For That Beautiful Feeling’ (feat. Halo Maud)

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