The Libertines To Release New Album In 2015

The newly reformed Libertines have said they plan on making a trip to Germany later this year to work on a new album together. It would be Pete Doherty and Carl Barat‘s first record together since The Libertines broke up shortly after the release of their self-titled 2004 LP.

Speaking to NME, Carl Barat says fresh material has “always” been the plan for the band and when asked for a release date replied, “next year, it has to be.” He added, “I don’t wanna just go on the road because then you’ll get cabin fever and have an epic fallout. So yeah, I want to keep something fresh coming in. We just need to find the time.”

Doherty also added his support for the recording plans, having previously commented that a new Libertines album is “the dream”. He suggested the band may take a trip to Germany later in the year for writing sessions as they did in France with their 2004 record.

“For some reason in my head, I’m thinking October, November time,” he said. “That’s what will have to happen. Basically, it’ll have to be like Paris, but in Hamburg, and for a bit longer. I’m well up for it.”

The reformed band played a huge open-air reunion show at London’s Hyde Park last weekend, at which organisers have confirmed 38 fans were injured and eight hospitalised. The band’s set was interrupted three times with mounting safety concerns due to crushing.

“We can’t carry on if you don’t calm down a bit,” Pete Doherty reportedly told the crowd after security walked onstage to shut the gig down right after they played opening track Vertigo. The gig was stopped a second time later on as fans climbed sound towers to get a better view.

At that same show, paramedics were called to attend to a 46-year-old who suffered a heart attack during The Pogues‘ support set. He is now recovering in a London hospital and his family have put out an appeal to find the stranger in the audience who performed CPR on him and saved his life.

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