The Maccabees Might Have Just Leaked Their Place On The Falls Festival 2015/2016 Lineup

The news that the first Falls Festival 2015/2016 lineup will arrive next week only dropped today and already the lineup leaks and speculation have begun.

If Felix White, guitarist for Brit rockers The Maccabees can be trusted – and we have no reason to believe he shouldn’t – the New Year’s Eve festival, and perhaps its West Australian counterpart Southbound, is looking likely to feature the UK act.

“You will definitely be seeing us at the end of the year,” White told The Brag. “I know that the rest of the band is really keen to get some sunshine and play to the Australian audiences. It’s such a fun time.”

“I can’t confirm or deny whether we are playing any summer festivals, because I got in trouble in the past. I was chatting to a journalist six months ago and accidentally leaked that we were playing Glastonbury before it was announced,” he said before, perhaps counter-intuitively adding, “we will see you at the end of 2015, 2016 for sure.”

The Maccabees haven’t toured Australia since their 2012 jaunt with Groovin The Moo, so we’re definitely due to see them again and soon. They even have a new album, Marks To Prove It, to showcase.

Stay tuned to Music Feeds for the official Falls Festival lineup announcement, set to be unveiled next Monday morning August 3rd.

UPDATE 03/08/15: The first Falls Festival 2015/2016 lineup has been announced, along with the lineup for Western Australia’s Southbound 2016.

Watch: The Maccabees – Something Like Happiness

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