This Sign Language Interpreter Is Your New Favourite Thing About Eurovision

Stealing the attention away from a Eurovision stage show is no small feat, but a 48-year-old Swedish sign language interpreter has done just that, after becoming a viral sensation this week for his spirited signed renditions of euro-pop tunes.

Sweden held the final of their Eurovision entry contest over the weekend, and chose Magnus Carlsson as the contest who will go up against Australia’s first ever entrant Guy Sebastian in Vienna this May. But the actual Eurovision singers are irrelevant at this point.

The real winner is Swedish interpreter Tommy Krångh, whose animated sign interpretations of the songs have prompted calls for him travel to the Eurovision grand final in Vienna. “My world has been turned upside down,” Krångh told The Guardian. “I am thrilled and happy; there has been so much love from the internet.”

Krångh, who is a child of deaf parents and has no formal training, said it took him five weeks of intense preparation and training to get ready for the broadcast.

“I am always all in. I want to give the whole experience of the music. I have to give my whole body. When I get on the stage the music is pumping and I lose myself. I don’t know what’s happening. I am totally lost in the moment – but somehow I still know what exactly I am doing.”

His range isn’t limited to euro-pop either. He had a small viral hit in 2012 with his interpretation of a song by Gothenburg melodic metalcore band Dead by April. Check out his signing prowess below.

The Eurovision finals in Vienna this year will reportedly offer willing nations an interpreting service in international sign language for the first time. It is not known yet if Australia will be the recipient of such a service, or indeed if Krångh will sign the event for Swedish audiences.

Fingers crossed he does.

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