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This SNL Duo’s Fake Band Is Releasing A Real EP

Get ready for mutton chops and handlebar mo’s to be hip again, jive turkeys, because funnymen Bill Hader and Fred Armisen’s fake band, The Blue Jean Committee are back and shit is about to get real. Literally.

The (fictitiously) iconic 70’s folk rockers, who got their start the same way that the majority of today’s comedians do, on Saturday Night Live, are about to release their very first real-life EP.

The 7-track disc, dubbed Catalina Breeze, has been slated for a November 20th release, and features such chart-scorching local hits as Walking Shoes, Mama You’re A Dancer, and of course Gentle And Soft.

To celebrate their (completely fictional) post-Y2K resurgence, which if this was real life would probably make Armisen and Hader around 85 years old, the Western Massachusetts duo reunited to perform the disc’s title track on their fellow SNL alum’s comedy talk show Late Night With Seth Meyers this week, ahead of their starring role on an episode of his new Documentary Now! parody series.

Check out the video of the performance, and official cover art for Catalina Breeze, below.

Watch: Blue Jean Committee Perform Catalina Breeze On Late Night with Seth Meyers

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