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If You Have Thousands Of Dollars Lying Around You Can Buy Tupac’s Lyric-Filled Notebooks

Three notebooks owned by the late, great Tupac Shakur are going to auction alongside discs with unreleased music.

The notebooks contain lyrics, video ideas and other notes by the rapper and are expected to be sold for thousands and thousands of dollars. That’s based off the fact that a 1995 prison letter written by Tupac was sold for $225,000 last year.

According to TMZ, somebody on Craigslist hit the jackpot when they discovered the person they were buying basketball cards off was also in possession of these extremely rare items. The seller’s father was allegedly employed by Shakur which is how he had these items.

In the notebooks are lyrics to songs like Point The Finga, 16 On Death Row, It Ain’t Easy, Keep Ya Head Up, Street Fame and more. It also features music video ideas for Point The Finga, a video which was never made. Hot New Hip Hop reports that one of the notebooks is predicted to go for $35,000 minimum.

The auction will be handled Moments In Time who also handled the sale of the prison letter. If you’re keen to make a purchase now, a prison letter is still up for sale, valued at a cheeky $225,000.

TMZ is also reporting that Shakur’s relatives will try and block the sale as his mother, Afeni, has a strict policy of not allowing the sale of her son’s memorabilia.

Listen: Tupac – Point Tha Finga

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