TIDAL Forced To Extend Free Trials Because Of Kanye’s Incessant Tinkering

If you signed up to a TIDAL trial to hear Kanye‘s TIDAL-exclusive album The Life Of Pablo last month, there’s no need to cancel your subscription just yet because the streaming service have kindly extended the free time you have before you get charged.

Yeezy has spent the past week updating tracks from The Life Of Pablo, adding new lines to Famous and “fixing” Wolves, because it’s a “a living breathing changing creative expression” (Kanye’s words, of course). Now, TIDAL have sent round an email to all those using the service on a free trial to let them know they have “an additional 30 days”.

“Kanye continues to deliver new music exclusively to TIDAL,” the email says (via The Verge).

“Because TIDAL is all about discovering new music, we are extending your complimentary TIDAL subscription with an addition 30 days so you’re always the first to hear new music from Kanye”. Either that means they’ve figured out thousands of non-paying subscribers are better than no subscribers at all, or they really are being nice and Kanye is going to continue to drop new music on the platform.

After a lacklustre response following its initial release, TIDAL shot to number one on the iTunes apps chart after Kanye released The Life Of Pablo and begged others to join up to the service. The rapper has stopped releasing albums on CD and is not releasing it to any other digital platform.

According to his never-ending Twitter stream of consciousness, he will release a total of three albums this year. The next release is currently called Turbo Grafx 16.

You can stream the album here.

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