TISM Reckon They’ve Broken A World Record With Their ‘Deluxe Omni-Album’

TISM are back, in a way, and they’re releasing new material, sort of, and now they reckon that material has broken a world record…kinda.

Earlier this month, Music Feeds reported that the band were releasing two new vinyls – On Behalf Of TISM I Would Like To Concede We Have Lost The Election, which features performances from their final show in 2004, and The TISM Omni-Album.

The band have revealed that the latter has sold out, even though it doesn’t actually contain an album. Instead, it’s merely album artwork with liner notes and other limited and rare visuals of the band.

In addition, the deluxe edition of The TISM Omni-Album, which features a vinyl of complete silence, is apparently on track to sell out and it’s still only available for pre-order.

The band also tout that the silent vinyl has broken a world record of the longest single disc vinyl record ever released. It has overtaken the record that was set in 1974 by 90 Minutes With Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops.

Wonderful. Excellent. Brilliant.

The Deluxe TISM Omni-Album is set for release in early December.

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