Titus Andronicus Frontman Says Wallet Note Proves Cobain Murder Conspiracy

Patrick Stickles, frontman of New Jersey punk rock outfit Titus Andronicus, has kept to his famously outspoken and conspiratorial MO by tweeting that a recently released note by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, found in his wallet post-mortem, proves foul play by spouse Courtney Love.

As Music Feeds reported yesterday, the note, obtained by CBS vis a public information request, was part the evidence collected by Seattle Police while investigating Cobain’s 1994 suicide. Written by-hand in a script strongly resembling Cobain’s, its contents mock the frontman’s marriage to Love.

“Okay, as long as we’re talking, that note that the Seattle cops revealed that Kurt wrote, re: C Love? #OMO it says everything we always knew. [Also], I think it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Courtney either, A ) had Kurt killed, or B ) forged fake ‘suicide note,’ ditched real,” tweeted Stickles.

Stickles continued, saying he wishes “to go on the record” saying Cobain “absolutely 100%” wrote the songs on Live Through This, the breakthrough 1994 album of Courtney Love’s band, Hole. However Stickles was careful to remind his followers that “#OMO stands for ‘One Man’s Opinion.'”

Despite the iconic singer’s death never being ruled as anything other than a suicide, rumours concerning foul play orchestrated by his widow persist. Last month, a trailer for a stylish new docudrama that explores the Cobain murder conspiracy, Soaked In Bleach, was released online.

Watch: Soaked In Bleach Trailer


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