Tom DeLonge Has Launched A Space Research Company, And We’re Very Confused

Former Blink-182 member and known UFO investigator Tom DeLonge has announced details of a space research company he’s been working on since he left the band, and it’s all very confusing.

DeLonge’s new “public benefit corporation” is called ‘To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science’, and he says he’s recruited “a team of insiders” who have worked as consultants for the US Government to work on the project.

“Some literally left days ago from the Department Of Defence to join me in this initiative,” he says.

DeLonge says today’s announcement is “literally two years in the making”, and forms part of To The Stars’ “unparalleled search for answers”.

According to DeLonge, To The Stars is “aiming to build a revolutionary technology that can change life as we know it”, while also researching “the unknown”, “engineering space-time itself” and telling “the story of the millennia” through feature films.

To The Stars academy is supposedly made up of three groups: Science, Aerospace and Entertainment. The Entertainment group will allegedly create media about To The Stars and its work, which will supposedly look into things like hyperdrive, UFOs, extrasensory perception, telepathy and “the growth of consciousness”.

Yeah, we’re getting some Stranger Things vibes here.

stranger things coke eleven gif

So we’re still not sure what To The Stars is exactly, but DeLonge and his colleagues have tried to explain the whole thing in some announcement videos, which you can watch below alongside some of DeLonge’s recent tweets about the organisation.

The team is also calling for investors to get on board, and say they’ve already raised almost USD$190,000 at the time of writing. For more information about the strange new organisation, head to its official website.

DeLonge has previously said that he left Blink-182 in order to investigate UFOs, but has since said that he could still rejoin the band if he wanted to.

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