The rising rocker TX2 has come up with a new single titled ‘Hatchet’ which was released on Friday, 26th April.
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TX2 Releases New Single ‘HATCHET’

The rising rocker TX2 has come up with a new single titled ‘Hatchet’ which was released on Friday, 26th April. The track is quite ruthless and quite relatable to those who have had a breakup and want to have their ex punished for doing something wrong. 

This month has been going well for TX2 as he has also announced his biggest tour till date. He is going to spend two months, starting from August to September 2024 for the opening acts of amazing bands like ‘In This Moment’ and ‘Ice Nine Kills’. 


“It’s crazy how dating someone can change you so much. I was in a relationship in which I tried so hard to please my partner and be the person they wanted, just for them to leave me high and dry. Since then I’ve moved on and cut off every remnant of them in my personality.” shared TX2 about his new track. 

TX2, also called Evan Thomas, shares experiences and authentic stories from his life in his lyrics. Being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, he had his fair share of not being able to fit in. His stories are about his experiences but we can all connect to them, especially those times when we all felt alone. His new track is a little chaotic and the singer is trying to seek the attention of the people to important societal issues through this song of his. He wants the people to hear his voice, all loud and clear. 

You can listen to the new single ” HATCHET” by TX2 from here.

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