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The Two Major Stuff-Ups That Tarnished Metallica & Lady Gaga’s Grammys Performance

Yesterday, Metallica and Lady Gaga performed together at the 2017 Grammy Awards, but the performance didn’t go completely to plan.

As ‘Tallica and Gaga launched into the Metallica track ‘Moth Into Flame’, the group’s frontman, James Hetfield, had the painful realisation that his microphone wasn’t working.

Since the performance, TMZ has reported that a source close to the production said Hetfield’s mic wasn’t working because a stagehand had accidentally unplugged a wire underneath the stage, between the mic check and the performance.

The other major stuff-up was actually just prior to the performance, when actress Laverne Cox, who was tasked with introducing Metallica and Lady Gaga’s performance, forgot to say Metallica’s name but did mention Lady Gaga’s.

Cox has since apologised to Metallica in a tweet, saying:

The performance itself saw Gaga duet with Hetfield while wearing a Metallica-branded shirt. She also crowd-surfed at one point, before returning to the stage to close out the song.

Watch Metallica and Lady Gaga’s drama-filled Grammys performance in full, below, and a list of the night’s Grammy Winner’s right here.

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