Watch: Coheed And Cambria Release New Clip From New Album ‘Domino The Destitute’

Since word came through that prog rock legends Coheed and Cambria had begun work on their new album, updates have been flowing in thick and fast, with the latest being the first number off the release to get the full clip service.

Domino the Destitute, to be featured on the long-awaited album The Afterman: Ascension (the first half of the double release) is just what you’d expect from the band: a thick plot with plenty of back story. But don’t let that scare you off; for first-time Coheeders, the tune itself is an absolute masterpiece. You will find yourself as deeply emerged in the adventure as those familiar with the band’s ongoing motifs.

The clip was directed by Robert Schober, and much like the song, the video is pretty loaded. The black and white video, according to the band, tells the tale of “Sirius as the soul of Domino, a boxer, takes him over while exploring the Keywork”, which of course draws influence from the universe the band has created through their regular concept releases.

The 8-minute epic is filled with some pretty intense fighting scenes, tastefully broken up with shows of the band performing. That dude’s hair is just mesmerising.

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