Watch Gatecrashers Destroy A Fence, Overrun Security At Listen Out Perth

Video has emerged of a large group of hopeful festival-goers storming and bringing down a security fence at the Perth leg of Listen Out 2014 on Sunday, 28th September. The incident follows a similar fence-rush which occurred at the Sydney date of the festival.

In the newly-published footage below, verified by Daily Mail, a large group of gatecrashers can be seen successfully pulling down a gate as ticket-paying punters watch on in amazement. A small number of security staff can be seen attempting to stop the crowd from swarming the event, but the end result shows that security were simply overpowered and outnumbered.

The Sydney leg of Listen Out 2014, which took place the day before the Perth leg, saw a 29-year-old security guard hospitalised after being trampled at the festival. According to a police statement, the security guard was responding to a group of fence-jumpers when one of them fell on him.

Though it’s unlikely the Perth punters would have heard the news before they attempted their own break-in, it still boggles the mind that anyone thought this was a good idea. It’s a huge fence with SHARP POINTS DESIGNED TO HURT PEOPLE, for chrissakes. It’s a wonder no-one else — gatecrasher, security or otherwise — was injured amongst the pandemonium and rush.

The Listen Out festival tour wrapped up in Melbourne and Brisbane over the weekend. The Melbourne iteration of the festival, which took place on Saturday, 4th October, resulted in 37 drug arrests being made, though no such numbers were reported for Brisbane.

Watch: Gatecrashers Storm A Fence At Listen Out 2014, Perth (28/09/14)

Photos: Listen Out – RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane 05/10/14

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