WATCH: Karl Stefanovic Loves Getting “Absolutely Peking Duk’d”

Some Stereosonic festival goers were lucky enough to bask in the digital presence of Channel Nine Today show host Karl Stefanovic over the past few weeks. We’re not talking holograms, as glorious as that would be. We’re talking a Karl-fronted hype video for electronic duo Peking Duk, which was played before their sets at the festival and has now been let loose in full online.

Those who avoided Stereosonic this year – perhaps for obvious reasons – now have the chance to relive Stefanovic’s Peking Duk introduction video (below) and share in his sorrow after not being able to attend the electronic music festival.

“You should know by now that I love nothing more than getting absolutely Peking Duk’d at a music festival,” Stefanovic says in the video. “But alas, I can’t get Peking Duk’d this year because of bloody work,” he adds, before introducing the duo and pumping up an imaginary crowd in typically smooth news-reader style.

Footage of Stefanovic’s Peking Duk introduction video actually being played at Stereosonic has also appeared online (below), and proves that crowds were appreciative of the Karlian antics which prefaced the Canberra duo’s performances.

Now that Stereosonic has wrapped up, Peking Duk will soon perform at Field Day and Beyond The Valley, meaning festival-goers may get the chance to see Karl show his allegiance to the Duk again and again.

Watch: Karl Stefanovic’s Peking Duk Stereosonic Introduction Video

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