Watch The NT Police’s Hilarious Retro Vid On How To Have A “Fully Lit” Time At BASSINTHEGRASS

The Northern Territory Police Force needs to give their media person a gold star or a get-out-of-jail-free card or diplomatic immunity or some shit, because they’ve just won the internet for today.

The NT boys-and-girls-in-blue have just released an incredible instructional video all about how to have a “fully lit” time at BASSINTHEGRASS this Saturday (you know, without dying) complete with amazing 80’s VHS style music and graphics.

Maybe they’re just trying to give their hilarious dank memist counterparts in the NSW Police Force a run for their money in some kind of covert emergency services-based social media Olympics we’re unaware of, or maybe they’ve just cottoned on to how to get the “party safe” message out there in 2017 without people rolling their eyes as they pop six ekkies.

Either way, this is entertaining AF. Take ’em away boys!

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