Watch Shirley Manson And Brody Dalle Growl In ‘Girls Talk’

What happens with the unstoppable force that is Garbage meets the immovable object known as Distillers frontwoman Brody Dalle? They record a badass, rough-as-guts track known as Girls Talk.

The song was originally tracked as part of their celebratory Record Store Day 10″ vinyl but has only now received the video service which is testament to the cliché that less is more. The black and white clip, conveniently located below was recorded by producer Butch Vig and directed by Sophie Muller, says Noisey.

The borderline growl of Dalle brings the subject matter to boiling point, instilling a healthy dose of fear into any fella not currently treating his girl the way he should. Better watch out, son.

Watch: Girls Talk – Garbage (Feat. Brody Dalle)

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