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Weezer Announce Broadway Residency And New EP

Weezer Szn is here for those who celebrate!

Fans are being gifted a new EP as part of the group’s year-long SZNZ project but perhaps more surprisingly, Weezer have announced that they’re coming to Broadway. The five night residency is taking place at New York’s Broadway Theater this September, where they will be performing music from their SZNZ EP roll out.

The EPs released around each season of the year, with SZNZ: Summer and SZNZ: Spring being doled out so far. By the time the Broadway residency kicks off, all but the SZNZ: Winter record will be out. For fans attending though, Weezer will be previewing that fourth collection a couple of months in advance.

To get a taste of the more recent material, check out Weezer performing their track ‘Records’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week (Monday).

Weezer’s SZNZ: Fall is due out on September 22nd, with SZNZ: Winter to follow on December 21st.

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