Weezer Share Next Cut From ‘Van Weezer’, ‘I Need Some Of That’

It’s been a hot minute since fans heard news of Van Weezer, Weezer’s Van Halen-inspired album. With extremely spaced out single drops, including even a separate album release in the midst of it all — it looks like the rock album is now on its way.

‘I Need Some Of That’ is the band’s latest offering from the album. It’s a nostalgia-soaked single that’ll have you pining for the 90s and its rock music.

The release of ‘I Need Some Of That’ follows ‘The End of the Game’, ‘Hero’, and ‘Beginning of the End’. You can suss the full tracklisting for Van Weezer down below.

The album is due for release Friday, 7th May.

Of course, the band’s previous album OK Human and Van Weezer are less than half the albums the band has in the pipeline.

There’s another three artist-inspired albums to come.

The remaining three albums will be inspired by Elliott Smith, Franz Ferdinand, and because why not, Weezer.

Listen to ‘I Need Some Of That’ below and catch the tracklisting for the forthcoming album.

‘Van Weezer’ tracklist

Due for release Friday, 7th May

01. Hero

02. All The Good Ones

03. The End Of The Game

04. I Need Some Of That

05. Beginning Of The End

06. Blue Dream

07. 1 More Hit

08. Sheila Can Do It

09. She Needs Me

10. Precious Metal Girl

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