Westboro Baptist Church To Perform Ozzy Osbourne Song At Jeff Hanneman’s Public Memorial Service

It seems that the world’s least-popular hate group Westboro Baptist Church weren’t happy with just picketing Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman’s funeral – in this latest attempt to steal publicity from whatever they can, the church have announced they will protesting the recently announced public memorial service for Hanneman, bringing their poorly phrased signs and highly derivative protest chants with them.

Despite claiming to be Bible perfect, the group are clearly victims of hubris given they have a fairly overactive Twitter account. It’s from said account that the group keeps the world informed of their next move, no matter how little of a shock factor there is about it these days. Their next target will be the memorial service, which is scheduled for Thursday, 23rd May in LA, and is open to all ages.

It’s not known whether the WBC have moved their focus from the funeral, presumably a private affair, to the more public memorial service.

The church seems to pride themselves on what they probably feel is a strong grasp on pop culture, performing their own parodies of recognisable songs. They earlier announced they will be performing their rendition of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train at the funeral, along with some interesting new lyrics, no doubt.

These guys clearly weren’t there at Soundwave 2011 when Slayer didn’t perform in Sydney. You don’t want to upset Slayer fans. And you can bet they won’t like it when you butcher another band’s classics, either. But then, who really likes the WBC?

Photos: Slayer – Soundwave 2013, Sydney

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