The Wiggles’ Epic 18+ Melbourne Reunion Show Is Coming To iTunes

Last year, hundreds of grown-up Wiggles fans packed into one of Melbourne’s most rock n’ roll bars, The Croxton, to relive their youth by rock-a-byeing bears and telling Jeff to “wake up!” at one of the original foursome’s epic adults-only reunion shows.

Thankfully, the entire romp-bomp-a-stompin’ good time was professionally filmed, and Music Feeds can confirm the full rowdy concert will arrive on iTunes “really soon”, with a DVD release likely to follow.

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field has told us to expect “lots of original VHS flashbacks” in the upcoming concert film, while his brother Paul Field says that — since the current iteration of The Wiggles is now available to fans in hundreds of countries across the globe, thanks to Netflix — much of the original group’s content has been pulled from the market, so as not to confuse their new international audience.

Which means this new concert film is one of the only places grown-up ’90s kids will be able to hear their favourite Wiggly tunes like ‘Fruit Salad’, ‘Play Your Guitar With Murray’ or ‘Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car’ performed by the original band.

Describing the footage as “fantastic”, Paul says the film will hit iTunes at some point within the next month, and will likely head to DVD as well “if retail is keen”.

Finally, as with The Wiggles’ reunion shows, a percentage of all the funds raised from the release will go to veterans charity Soldier On. Watch a preview of the concert film, below.

The original Wiggles —  that’s Greg, Murray, Anthony and Jeff — have played three adults-only reunion shows so far: one in Melbourne and two in Sydney.

And there could be hope for other fans on the horizon, with the Anthony telling Music Feeds that he “hopes [they] can do more” over 18s shows soon.

Yes please!

So get ready to point your fingers and do the twist, because this thing is coming at you like a hot potato!

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