The Wiggles Want NSW To Crush QLD In State Of Origin & They’ve Written A Bizarre Song About It

State Of Origin Game Two kicks off tonight and it’s bound to be a fucking bloodbath. The stakes are high, pride is on the line and now even The Wiggles have joined the fray, declaring their allegiance to one of the two warring sides.

The seminal children’s act (in their 2016 incarnation) have unveiled their true colours, and it turns out – underneath their rainbow skivvies – they’re blue through and through.

Anthony & co have written a painfully catchy song ostensibly declaring war on Queensland and expressing their desire to see the Maroons get absolutely smashed by NSW in tonight’s do-or-die match.

Trading up the aforementioned skivvies for Blues jerseys, The Wiggles appear in a singalong performance video taunting Maroons fans with such galling lyrics as “New South Wales / We’re the Blues / Queensland / You’re gonna lose” as they grin, dance and essentially deliver a resounding F-U to punters from the Sunshine State.

The video has basically gone viral after being shared on the NSW Blues official Facebook page, with The Wiggles driving the knife even deeper by issuing a call to arms for fans to try to get the song stuck in the head of at least one Queenslander by the time Origin 2 kicks off.

Brutal tactics, Wiggles.

Now, where are the Hooley Dooleys with the Maroons’ retort?

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