Will Foo Fighters Become Struggling Venue’s Rock Superheroes?

The Room, a venue in Brookfield in the US state of Connecticut, has made a public appeal to Foo Fighters to stage a concert in the struggling venue. The venue’s management hope a concert from the rock superstars could bring more awareness to the all-ages DIY venue and prevent it from going under.

In an open letter issued via the venue’s website, Room co-founder Vern Nickerson writes that the four-year-old venue is “falling farther behind on the rent and other bills” and hopes the Foos can make the trip north during their week-long stint in NYC for their residency on the Late Show with David Letterman.

“For a moment, imagine what Foo Fighters in Brookfield could do to a place like The Room,” Nickerson writes. “You could do for the Room what The Ramones and Blondie did for CBGB’s or what Mötley Crüe or Alice Cooper did for the Whiskey. Come because you remember what it was like to be 15 and in a band trying to find a decent gig. Because along the way there have been people who’ve given you a chance.”

“I don’t want to have one less option for the next generation of songwriters or musicians,” the publican continues before signing off. “Please help us save The Room from becoming the next casualty. The music scene and the kids it serves need a place like The Room. We very much want to be here.”

According to Nickerson’s appeal, he chose Foo Fighters because of his “respect” for the group. “I think more than anything else, you get it,” he writes, adding, “You appreciate what it is you have. It’s why I have so much respect for the band. We have been open for almost four years on a shoestring budget.”

Considering the band’s busy schedule, Dave Grohl and co may not want to set a precedent that has them cast as rock superheroes for life, but considering they recently played a crowdfunded hometown show and have long championed US venues like the 9:30 Club, Nickerson’s dream could just come true.

Watch: Foo Fighters – My Hero

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