A Red Letter Day Presents: Ramshackle Mansion

Acid Jazz, Jimmy Hendrix and sibling discontent are all great ingredients for a band, and Ramshackle Mansion seem to be sticking to the recipe.

“The band in its current format has been together for an intensive 4 months. George once brought a guitar to work and all of a sudden Nicholas sang along with the song. It was “Hey Joe” by Jimmy Hendrix. He knew then that he had to fire his brother and get Nicholas in the band.”

After a Shakespearian family feud the band moved on, and went about creating some self described haunting music, mirroring their influences Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and the acid jazz genre.

“The Ramshackle Mansion sound would be best described as containing haunting and powerful melodies, while being intertwined with a pulsating, rock beat. Although the content of our songs are varied, they usually explore the unending topic of relationships or serve as a social commentary about our life today”

In between serving up a hot bowl of social commentary the band found time to kick on down to the Red Letter Day comp and ply their trade. Their pulsating music deserves to be heard by pulsating people, and Ramshackle were grateful for the live audience.

“It was fantastic to play in front of a live audience! We were influenced to enter the A Red Letter Day Band Comp primarily for that opportunity to (finally) play to a live audience.”

Ramshackle Mansion also used the day to suss out their competition, eagerly watching their peers. Unfortunately they had nothing but praise for their musical competitors.

“There was a great vibe on the day and a real sense of good will and camaraderie amongst the bands. One of the great things about the competition was the opportunity to see and learn from a diverse range of talented bands. The quality of the bands was a revelation, and I think we took something away from all of them.”

The enriching experience of A Red Letter Day has ensured Ramshackle Mansion are ready to take on the world, or at least greater Metropolitan Sydney.

Get the keys to the Mansion at http://www.myspace.com/battlecry4

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