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Foley: How to Prepare for Visiting a Country for the First Time

Aotearoa pop outfit Foley are visiting Australia for the first time in September and October for a string of shows at BIGSOUND 2023 and SXSW Sydney. Auckland-based songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett released their debut album, Crowd Pleaser, in August, showcasing their commitment to innovative pop production on songs such as ‘Smooth It Over’, ‘Nothing’ and ‘Killing Me Babe’.

Foley will play two official BIGSOUND showcases, at Blute’s Bar on Wednesday, 6th September and at The Wickham on Thursday, 7th September, before travelling south for the inaugural SXSW Sydney. In anticipation of the trip, Wallace and Everett share some travel tips with Music Feeds.

Foley – ‘Smooth It Over’

Foley’s Travel Hacks

Foley: We are off to beautiful Australia to play our first shows in Brisbane and Sydney, which is super exciting for us Kiwis. Can’t wait to see what the Aussie crowds are like and eat heaps and heaps of banana bread, ’cause you guys nail banana bread in Oz for some reason?

1. Find good food

Foley: When we’re going to a new country, the first thing I search for is the foods. I’ll be deep in Instagram, screenshotting and scribbling where the must-try dishes are in my notes app. We’re extra fond of late-night eats after a show. The fewer seats in the restaurant the better – bonus points if it’s just a cart on the street.

2. Tune in, turn on, drop out on the plane

Foley: I love having time away from being connected. It’s always so peaceful on a flight. Critical prep is to download two to three albums that you’ve been meaning to listen to. For this trip it’ll be the latest The Japanese House record, Bad Girls by Donna Summer and Bunny by Beach Fossils. I really value listening to albums in their entirety on planes when you have the time to soak it in. Feels like a treat.

3. Pack the way you feel

Gabriel Everett: I’m a big believer in rolling your clothes, ultra-minimalist style. I travel pretty light but it’s honestly kind of redundant when you’ve got the whole band’s equipment, guitars and a touring rig to worry about too. On a normal trip, it’s killer.

Ash Wallace: I travel heavy and large, so my travel prep includes cramming every single thing I own into a huge suitcase and then crossing my fingers at the airport that it isn’t overweight.

4. Be prepared to nap

Foley: You gotta prep that nap-at-any-moment kit when you’re touring, and I think the same kit is crucial for any travel you do. I bring an eye mask and earplugs, and a hoodie that I can wear backwards to put the hood over my face. It’s guaranteed to put you to sleep and give you some much-needed rest before you take on a new place.

5. Travel with your pals

Foley: One of our favourite things about visiting another country is bringing the whole band with us, because we get to share the new experiences together. We have two amazing players who join us and everyone is always excited about different sights and experiences.

When we were in Austin for SXSW, our drummer Elijah, who’s a big jazz cat, was just in awe of the vinyl available there. Likewise, our bass player Holly was shopping up a storm in the thrift stores. At the end of the day, travelling with your pals is the best of the best. It’s a privilege we get to do it so often.

Foley at BIGSOUND 2023

  • Wednesday, 6th September – Blute’s Bar, Brisbane QLD
  • Thursday, 7th September – The Wickham, Brisbane QLD

Also appearing at SXSW Sydney, from Wednesday, 18th – Saturday, 21st October

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