PREMIERE: Lupa J Unveils Powerfully Dystopian Clip For New Track ‘Limbo’

Lupa J has unveiled her raw new single ‘Limbo’ complete with a dystopian video clip featuring fellow Aussies No Frills Twins.

The 22-year-old Aussie continues to emit an intensity and power in this latest release, which sees Lupa J combine cinematic pop and EDM sensibilities in compelling fashion.

Following the release of recently double single ‘Half Alive’ and ‘Out To Wreck’, this latest effort is a clear statement of her new direction and even comes with a futuristic official video with cyberpunk Blade Runner feels.

The video, premiering exclusively on Music Feeds, was directed by ARIA-Award winning James Chappell, who has previously worked with Set Mo, KLP and Guy Sebastian, and the thing was shot at a carwash in Marrickville.

“Limbo’ is a heartbroken, self-deprecating song I wrote when I realised that I was depending on love – or the hope of receiving love – just to feel ok,” Lupa J tells Music Feeds.

“I hate to admit it, but this part of me that so badly wants to be liked often gets to the better of me, and I end up modifying myself for the wrong people.”

The rising singer-songwriter says Chappell was a key part of casting No Frills Twins as the enemies of her subconscious, as represented in the video.

“I took the song to James Chappell and brainstormed ideas for a clip, and he came up with a few concepts based around the idea of an internal struggle with myself. We settled on casting the No Frills Twins as this evil, somewhat sci-force that have an immense power over me, and built the video around my relationship with them.

“James entrusted a highly talented team to help transform a few locations around Marrickville into cyberpunk, Blade Runner-esque scenes, and we shot it quickly in one night.”

Chappell describes the clip as a “mix of futuristic fashion and Berlin clubbing fashion. All very noir influence with hyper-neon colours.”

Check out the clip for ‘Limbo’ by Lupa J below:

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