Alexisonfire Drop New Single ‘Complicit’

Post-hardcore Canadians, Alexisonfire broke their nine-year release drought back in February with ‘Familiar Drugs’. Now, we have another taste, with new track ‘Complicit’.

The new single is sure to be a treat for early Alexisonfire fans. It has heaps of older AoF vibes and neat breakdowns.

Earlier this year, Alexisonfire were driving fans insane with cryptic social media posts — and they haven’t really stopped. Just a couple days ago they posted a new press image with the caption “Follow me into the dark” before posting a teaser clip from the new single just last night.

We don’t really know what’s happening with these fresh singles from Alexisonfire. Chatting to Music Feeds just last month, guitarist and vocalist Wade MacNeil told us, “I’m not entirely sure where it’s at yet. We’ve got a lot of ideas flying about at the moment that we’re really excited to lay down.

“That said, we’re all adamant about one thing – if we are going to put something out, it’s gotta be the best stuff we’ve ever done. I can’t say if that’s gonna be a new 7-inch, or an EP, or even an LP yet. We’re ready to get at it, though.”

“What I can say is that some of the new stuff we’ve been working on is some of the heaviest stuff we’ve ever made,” he added. “Which is both surprising and exciting, being at this stage in our career.

We also asked if there’d be an Aussie tour on the cards to which he replied, “All roads lead back to Australia for Alexisonfire – I’ll say that much.” Eeeeeeeek.

Peak their ‘Complicit’ teaser and listen to it in full below.

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