Another Splendour 2013 Mystery B∆nd Hint?

More fuel has been added to the Splendour In The Grass “Mystery B∆nd” fire today, with just a few ambiguous characters spilled during a Reddit Q&A session revealing a new clue to the identity of the as-yet unknown band.

Alt-J drummer and all-around triangle lover Thom Green was conducting a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) session just over 12 hours ago, when he was addressed by a user posting as ‘splendourmysteryband’. “I hear we have something in common,” the cheekily titled throwaway account stated, to which Green replied with a mysterious smiley face.

Until now, Alt-J were all but ruled out as Splendour contenders after Green did just the opposite on Twitter, replying to a fan’s tweet of “Splendour?” with a sad smiley. Who knows? Maybe Thom is just a bit loose with his emoticons, but the British quartet do seem like the most likely possibility for the mystery slot, given that they’re huge, they’ll be in the country and they’re all about the triangle.

We’ve also been told that the biggest clue to the identity of the Mystery B∆nd has already been revealed in “a particular poster”. We still can’t find it, but apparently it has nothing to do with The Rolling Stones.

Splendour In The Grass kicks off in just 10 days time at North Byron Parklands. If you’re headed to winter’s favourite festival, make sure you’re up to date on the new camping rules, you’ve got your timetable sorted and if you’re stuck at home, desperate and Splendourless, you can always stream the festival live with Best of the Fest.

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