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Björk Shares Video For New Single ‘Atopos’

Björk has given fans a preview of her forthcoming album with the release of new single ‘Atopos’. The track features on the Icelandic star’s upcoming tenth record Fossora, her first full-length outing in five years.

In keeping with her claims that Fossora would be a “mushroom album”, ‘Atopos’ is highly organic in its sound, leaning heavily on clarinet and vocal arrangements. “Sonically this is a heavy bottom-ended bass world, we have 6 bass clarinets and punchy sub drilling, nesting and digging us into the ground,” Björk has explained.

Björk – ‘Atopos’

The accompanying music video is an arresting experience, with director Viðar Logi working alongside Björk and James Merry to share visuals inspired by digital root plant designs from M/M Paris. The clip also features performances from Kasimyn of Gabber Modus Operandi and clarinet musicians Grímur Helgason, Hilma Kristín Sveinsdóttir, Helga Björg Arnardóttir, Kristín Þóra Pétursdóttir, and Rúnar Óskarsson.

Announcing her new album in an interview with The Guardian just last month, Björk’s Fossora will arrive on Friday, 30th September and follows on from the release of Utopia in 2017. Meanwhile, the acclaimed Icelandic artist has also launched her Sonic Symbolism podcast, which gives listeners a deep dive into each record in her discography.

Fossora is set for release on Friday, 30th September.

Björk – Fossora

  1. Atopos (feat. Kasimyn)
  2. Ovule
  3. Mycelia
  4. Sorrowful Soil
  5. Ancestress (feat. Sindri Eldon)
  6. Fagurt Er í Fjörðum
  7. Victimhood
  8. Allow (feat. Emilie Nicolas)
  9. Fungal City (feat. serpentwithfeet)
  10. Trölla-Gabba (feat. Kasimyn)
  11. Freefall
  12. Fossora (feat. Kasimyn)
  13. Her Mother’s House (feat. Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney)

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