Earl Sweatshirt Is Home?

The internet has gone into an Earl Sweatshirt frenzy after a Twitter account was started today that appears to be set up by Earl Sweatshirt, the missing Odd Future member.The accounts’ first tweet was ‘home’ followed by a link to a YouTube clip (below) that features Earl encouraging 50,000 users to follow his Twitter account today if they want more information.

Tyler The Creator also tweeted:

@fucktyler: Oh. Thebe Has….I Mean Earl Has A Twitter. @earlxsweat

Frank Ocean retweeted the @Earlxsweat tweet…

However Hodgey Beats has denied that Earl is free:

@Killhodgey nowadays people have personal intentions tryna use my nigga earl. We family nigga. Earl isn’t free. Fuck fabrication. OFWGKTA #freeearl

In January, Music Feeds interviewed Syd The Kid who said they have no idea where Earl is and confirmed that it is not a publicity stunt saying:

We don’t (talk about Earl) cause it hurts, he was a member of the family and he’s not here anymore and to everybody else it’s a media stunt, but it’s real, so no, we don’t talk about it (Earl) much.

If in fact Earl is back, then his return comes just in time for the release of Odd Future’s second album which has just been moved forward to a February 20th release date. Either way, it’s great promo for the album and it seems all the Ofwgkta members want to get involved.

Watch: Is Earl Sweatshirt Home?

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