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Gena Rose Bruce Announces New Album ‘Deep Is The Way’, Shares Bill Callahan Collaboration

Melbourne weird-folk artist Gena Rose Bruce has announced that her new album, Deep Is The Way, will be released on 27th January, 2023. Bruce has released the album’s title track, which continues her collaboration with US indie icon Bill Callahan.

Bruce shared a statement about working with Callahan. “We have only ever had written correspondence, sending lyrics back and forth to each other, with sometimes weeks in between responses, just analysing lyrics,” she said. “There was no small talk, just keeping it about what’s important – the music.”

Gena Rose Bruce – ‘Deep Is the Way’

The new song is a pendulous groover, with Callahan’s throwaway gravitas a foil for Bruce’s sing-song. “This song really is a dedication for those people who may be slower in finding themselves,” Bruce said.

“[It’s for those] who like to dream, think deeply and take their time to make decisions, for them to appreciate and honour their thoughtful process. Not everyone has to keep up with this unachievably fast and competitive world.”

The new single follows the recent crochet-disco banger, ‘Foolishly In Love’, which also featured songwriting contributions from Callahan. The album, made with prolific Melbourne producer Tim Harvey, is the follow up to Bruce’s 2019 debut and Australian Music Prize nominated, Can’t Make You Love Me.

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