Gunman With AK-47 Opens Fire On Strip Club DJ After Rejected Request

We’ve all had it happen to us before. Strutting up to the DJ booth, oozing with drunken confidence and requesting a song that’s completely inappropriate for the setting only to get denied by the way-too-cool-for-school DJ. But most of us don’t react like this guy. Rather than walking away in shame, a 21-year-old male has opened fire in a “gentlemen’s club” with an AK-47.

Philadelphia cops are now on the hunt for the gunman – identified as Henry Pettigrew – and his accomplice, who remains unidentified. Both have been caught on CCTV footage, which you can watch below, but a bit of a heads up – it’s crazy hectic.

After an altercation with venue security following the rejected request, the gunman and another man were ejected from the club. In the footage, Pettigrew can be seen grabbing the fully loaded assault rifle from a car before opening fire on a customer’s vehicle, leaving the driver with a minor gunshot wound.

After that, he runs towards the club, slips over, gets through the door, slips over again, finally gets his footing and unleashes round after round into the club, aiming at the DJ booth.

Clearly just spraying bullets, Pettigrew’s aim is pretty useless but, according to police, “You see one of the bullets actually strike the mirror right where [the DJ’s] head would have been, so we’re very fortunate the person did not get struck by the gunfire.”

Police are reviewing the CCTV footage from the Purple Orchid Gentleman’s Club but are also appealing to the public for information. No word yet on what the request was but, by the sounds of things, it wasn’t a hit.

Watch: Gunman Opens Fire In Strip Club After DJ Rejects His Request

(Via ITM)

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