Hear Pnau’s “Bonkers” New Comeback Single ‘Chameleon’

Pnau have returned with their first single in half a decade.

Dubbed Chameleon, the tune marks the first piece of new original music from Nick Littlemore’s other band since their 2011 album Soft Universes, and their first major release since 2012’s Elton John remix album Good Morning To The Night.

Speaking to the interns about the difference between Empire Of The Sun and Pnau recently, Littlemore explained that, “Pnau has always been more bonkers”.

“Pnau have a new single coming out soon called Chameleon which kind of carries on the bonkers nature of us,” he said at the time.

Catch the “bonkers” half-schoolyard singalong, half-tribal dancefloor toe-tapper of a new track that is Chameleon, below. No word on yet whether a new album could follow, but we’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, Littlemore’s new album with Empire Of The Sun Two Vines is also out today, ahead of Empire playing their first Aussie shows in support of the record at FOMO Festival at the beginning of next year.

Listen: Pnau – ‘Chameleon’

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