PNAU’s Nick Littlemore Hits Out At Antivaxxers: “You Are Participating In Killing The Arts”

PNAU / Empire Of The Sun mastermind Nick Littlemore has entered into the vaccine debate in explosive fashion, accusing anti-vaxxers of killing off opportunities for artists to build livelihoods.

Taking to Twitter, Littlemore called out anti-vax advocates of “killing the arts and music industries, the lives and livelihoods of creatives worldwide, not to mention many others.”

As predicted, the post resulted in some furious flame-threading from the keyboard legions and disappointed PNAU and Empire fans – which Littlemore admirably remained absent from.

It’s not the first time the PNAU mastermind has entered a hot-topic debate, touching upon the cultural appropriation claims leveled at Empire of the Sun last year due to their shamanic stage outfits.

“There’s no denying the inspiration of other cultures that were woven into the first album,” said Littlemore at the time.

“It wasn’t ever the motivation behind Empire, however today I would not wear those same costumes as I did 13 years ago.

“I’d hate to think we ever offended anyone, we’ve only ever tried to express unity and create a magical world.”

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